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Digital locks are becoming better and more affordable as demand for them increases.  When I first started in the trade many moons ago, I didn’t actually trust Digital locks, but funnily enough, any of the ones we sold, I couldn’t actually ‘crack’ – looking back, it would have just been the fear of the unknown as the digital lock was a new concept.

In 2004, we installed a Kaba Digital lock on the players entrance to The Geelong Football Club.  That lock was used hundreds of times every week and was exposed to the elements and the public and it never faltered.  The lock remained in use until the Premiership Stand was finished a couple of seasons back.

Digital keyless locks have evolved and improved – their convenience is unparallelled

There is a digital lock available these days, for nearly every application and budget.  The latest lock from a supplier has really caught my eye, as it is a brand I like and trust and its a deadbolt too. (pictured) For commercial applications, where keyless entry on multiple doors is required, options have become a lot more sophisticated.  But were you aware that it was possible to have a wireless access control system (not hardwired) that still gave you full access control and remote monitoring?  This is done through WiFi and these systems are not gimmicks.  Salto systems are one of the biggest brands in this market. Heathrow Airport is one of the biggest users of the Salto system that I can think of, so it was tried and proven before it even reached our shores.  We have installed Salto systems at very large schools and also used them for domestic applications. If you have any questions regarding keyless or digital access, please drop me a line.