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Now for something completely different… my thoughts on decent take-away food joints in Geelong.  This is a work-in-progress post and I will add to it as I get time.  If you have a recommendation, please leave a comment on my facebook page.

Geelong has some beautiful places to eat-in, but when you are on the road and/or you feel like sitting in front of the telly on the couch, its good to know where your hard earned dollars can be best spent.


Minerva Rd Fish Shop –  The only place that I know of that has hand-cut chips.  The food here takes you back decades before fish and chips were served in a cardboard box.  Its a family run business and has been operated by the Tsipnis family for 38 years from memory.  Their homemade burger in batter is a Siketa meats burger with potato on either side and then battered… its a delicious cholesterol spiker, but everything in moderation hey? Pete’s souvlakis are traditional Yiros and one souvi could easilly feed two people or fill one person up for the day. Sometimes they aren’t open, but they always post on their FB page to advise.  If the family can’t work, they do not hire casuals that could lower the standards, they close, Its that simple…and their loyal customers understand and respect this.

 A plate full of Minerva Road Fish Shop goodness

Pizza Wok Separation Street – You can’t judge a book by it’s cover; this place serves up some of the most beautiful ‘Aussie’ chinese food in the area.  All the old-faithfuls like Honey chicken, home-made dim-sims, Beef in Black bean, Special fried rice… lovely food.  When my mate Grant told me he drove his foodie relative out there to pick up food I wasn’t surprised . The pizzas are pretty good here too.

Shannon Pizza – Shannon Avenue, Manifold Heights.  Absolutely beautiful old-school pizzas.  Real Melbourne 70’s style.  Loaded with Shannon ham is an option that you can choose at no additional cost . Buy some Biserli Chinotto from somewhere and take a bite of this pizza and it will take you back to a different era.

Joeys Deli – Milton Street Bell Park.  If you are European and/or adventurous, go here for Sarma Rolls. They are absolutely on-point.  I always but them cold and heat up at home but  I am sure Joey would heat them up for you.  Everybody I meet that is Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian etc. has their own recipe, but I doubt anyone would dislike these rolls that are handmade on site.  Joe used to have the supermarket on Milton, but has downsized and moved down next to the newsagent.


to be continued…

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